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Alchemy Consulting will help you align your people and your processes into a single focus, aimed at realizing your group’s vision, mission and goals, while ensuring that you are fully poised to respond to the environment in which your enterprise operates.

Is your organization ...

  • Facing a crisis or opportunity which will demand structural or strategic change?

  • Initiating a diversity, equity and inclusion program into a new, unreceptive, or nervous environment?

  • Preparing to set long-term goals or conduct action planning?

  • Suffering from interpersonal or inter-group conflict that has become an obstacle to business operations, production, or delivery of services?​

Alchemy Consulting will look for every opportunity to break down barriers and build bridges. We leverage intervention ranges from process consulting (including coaching and facilitating) to training to technical assistance.

Process Consulting
Every organization is composed of systems, resources and people.  Systems and resources are predictable elements. People are not! As an organization leader, you may readily determine what needs to be done to address a challenge or an opportunity.  However, the downfall of most organization change efforts comes about because you are often not able to get staff to change their behavior.  As a practice, Organization Development is a business management science that is heavily influenced by and interwoven with the behavioral sciences. Through Process Consulting, using time-tested strategies and methods designed to define new boundaries, operations and procedures, we work with you and your staff to transition into new patterns of behavior.  To this end, we can assist you with …

Team Building
Team Building ... using various assessments, including the MBTI®, existing teams are supported in working together better, and new teams learn to operate together and develop high performance practices.

Meeting Facilitation
Meeting Facilitation ... supporting communications between two or more individuals, enabling team members to utilize such communication techniques as dialogue, negotiation, stakeholder analysis, and creative brainstorming.

Organization Development Consulting



Let Alchemy Consulting help turn YOUR organization's base metals into Gold!


Leadership Development & Coaching

Training and Development
The training designed and delivered by Alchemy Consulting is experiential in nature. Further consulting initiatives can ensure that they apply their learning on the job, and ultimately achieve your organizational goals.  We provide various customized or packaged training programs to individuals or organizations in areas such as: Leadership, Supervisory and Management Development, 360° Performance Evaluations, Creative Problem-Solving Skills and Communications Skills, and Personality, Potential or Style Assessments.

Performance Improvement
Improving staff performance by providing knowledge, skills and abilities ... Adults learn best by doing. Well designed and facilitated training should deliver four results:
Participants enjoy, and are engaged in the training experience;
Participants actually learn new material and skill sets during the training experience;
Participants apply their new learning in the work environment; and Participants’ application of new learning results in improved customer service, increased productivity, reduced waste, increased employee satisfaction, and/or increased profits.


Whether you are seeking performance improvement for yourself, or for your team, we use assessments such as the MBTI®, DiSC®, 360° performance evaluations, the Enneagram, and others, to understand, and measure, where relevant, personal, professional, employee and/or entrepreneurial skills, interests, attitudes, and to construct personal growth programs, in order to improve or maximize performance, and plan workforce deployment strategies, succession planning, and team building. 

Coaching … 3 Keys to Effective Performance and Development 
The word “coach” comes from Kocs, the town in Hungary, where they first made these carriages to carry people of wealth and high standing.  The root meaning of the verb, “to coach,” means to convey a valued person from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be. Supporting individuals to achieve long-term excellent performance that is self-correcting and self-generating.

Are You, or Your Employees, grappling with such issues as:

  • Failing to meet goals and objectives – by either your own, or your organization’s standards?

  • Experiencing the same problem(s) over and over again, and seeking a new approach?

  • Receiving troubling feedback from others, directly or indirectly?

  • Having difficulty leading your team or influencing your organization’s management in achieving desired results? 

  • Unsatisfied with your current set of circumstances or status, and uncertain about what the desired state looks like?

Successful Performance and Development Coaching relies on the ability to Listen to my Client, in an intimate way, with deep empathy and a mirror-like detachment … I listen to what my client says, … to what my Client is unaware of saying, … as well as to what is not said. Based on my listening, my feedback technique enables you, the Client, to see the gaps between how you behave now, and how you want to behave, in a way that shifts your sense of your own actions, providing you with a space in time in which you can make a decision to change your behavior. 

… Much like the ship’s Captain, who can now distinguish the lighthouse from the fishing boat, you will shift your own paradigms.  Even so … Change requires Practice in doing things differently.  As your Coach, I provide the exercises you will use to build your “performance muscles,” and the support necessary to help you implement new behaviors, and establish new patterns that are grounded in excellence.

This is the role of a Coach, whether the destination is improved Performance (i.e., a specific skill or competency), or long-term Development (i.e., excellent performance that is self-generating and self-correcting).

Personal and professional development coaching and training assists you in turning moderate or good results into sensational results.  Thorough assessments and dialogue help uncover self-defeating behaviors and blind spots that work to limit maximum performance.  Then, custom-designed practices are developed to overcome those limitations, while generating new behaviors to achieve planned objectives, and to correct performance along the way.​​


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

When working with organizations expressing an interest in DEI, our goal is hold a vision for that enterprise that is in alignment with the vision that we help them to create for themselves, and then to hold them accountable to their own vision.  We understand that achieving diversity is just the first step in a long journey, and that most organizations have no idea what it means to treat BIPOC and others targeted for discrimination (e.g., LGTBQ, differently-abled, ESL people, etc.) in an equitable and inclusive manner. This is a feat that has rarely been achieved, given the pervasive and persistent presence of racism. Certainly, this is work that requires deep culture change initiatives.

Culture change is neither an easy, nor short term process because it involves identifying and acknowledging deeply rooted values and mores that were present at the birth of the institution, and that evolved or matured over the life of the establishment.  Whether these values are unspoken, or widely lauded, they have inevitably embedded a pattern of behaviors that are ostensibly adopted by all who join the organization. Those who adapt the patterns willingly or enthusiastically will thrive in the environment.  Those who struggle to adapt will likely leave, either voluntarily, or by invitation. The question becomes, how does an enterprise create the kind of environment that can fully embrace the diversity in the organization, long enough to allow itself to be influenced by staff members who will experience equity and inclusion?  How will those team members be incorporated within a culture that is being transformed by their very presence? This is the work that will be supported by Alchemy Consulting.

We help your organization to recognize, understand and embrace the distinctive value to and impact upon your enterprise, from the vantage point of becoming more diverse, equitable and inclusive, tapping the potential of a broader workforce and supplier base.  We typically begin by helping to assess your current environment (conducting your diversity audit); assisting in the design and implementation of your DEI plan; delivering diversity and cultural competency training; and organizing affinity groups.

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