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The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook - 2nd edition

Updated: Mar 21

Check out The Sustainable Enterprise Fieldbook - 2nd edition - which includes an impactful essay on Leadership for Sustainable Enterprise.

This essay discusses how diversity, equity and inclusion can support leaders in expanding the base of intelligence from which to advance prospects for triple-bottom line (people, planet, profit) sustainability.

The IBS (International Black Summit) and BAH (Black African Heritage Caucus) models have tapped into a conversation technology that empowers each participant to achieve alignment on their respective agendas. Participants arrive at a common ground, regardless of differences in socio-economic status, professional achievement, public acclaim, national origin, or religious affiliation. Given the power of their process, there must be a lesson for leaders seeking to achieve sustainability against a triple bottom line. It is hoped that, through this text, leaders find the tools, ideas, and strategies to accomplish this crucial goal.” - Shakira Abdul-Ali, MSOD

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