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Disparities Exposed: Striving for Equitable Educational Opportunities

Updated: Mar 21

Watch this video to learn more about abolitionist teaching in pursuit of educational equity (freedom).

Dr. Bettina Love, in her book, “We Want to do More Than Survive – Abolitionist teaching and the pursuit of educational freedom,” writes about, and advocates for educational justice inside of ‘underground resistance warfare’ practices against a system that seeks to ensure that black and brown and poor kids are kept marginalized, targeted and disempowered. She encourages us all to show love to our kids with black, brown, sexual and gendered identities by fighting for them by any means necessary, so that they, and we, can celebrate their magnificence as they demonstrate the gifts they came to offer. This video offers highlights from Dr. Love’s book.

“Abolitionist teaching is the practice of working in solidarity with communities of color while drawing on the imagination, creativity, refusal, (re)membering, visionary thinking, healing, rebellious spirit, boldness, determination, and subversiveness of abolitionists to eradicate injustice in and outside of schools.” - Dr. Bettina Love

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